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Superfoods Cause Super Stains on Your Teeth!

by | May 25, 2015 | Blog

It seems like everyone is getting on the “Superfood” bandwagon these days! The people of Glen Ellyn, IL are no exception, and it appears to be more than a fad. Actual scientific progress is underway in the nutrition field, and more discoveries are being made each day about these special foods.

Superfoods are the foods that not only provide nutrition, but also other health benefits. However, there is something you need to be cautious about: can these superfoods stain your teeth?

The answer is a resounding “Yes!”.

When most people think of things that stain your teeth, healthy foods aren’t usually on the list. Ask anyone on the street and you’ll probably hear these “Most Wanted” teeth stainers:

  • Red Wine
  • Tobacco
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Poor Oral Health
  • Getting Older

Below, we’ve listed a few superfoods that can also stain your teeth. We’re not advising you to stop eating healthy; far from it! Just know that over time, your teeth will begin to stain, and that’s where Smile Glen Ellyn can help. We have a range of teeth whitening and teeth bleaching technologies and services that can get your smile back to an attractive, natural, white and bright smile.

You can look as good as a healthy diet makes you feel!


We’re a Chicago suburb, so pizza and good Italian food is not hard to come by.
No, pizza isn’t a superfood, but tomatoes are!

Tomatoes have been shown to reduce your chances of developing certain kinds of cancer. That’s great, keep them coming! However, tomatoes are very acidic, which is bad news for your teeth and their look. Also, that bright red color that makes tomatoes (and tomato sauce, juice, ketchup; the list of tomato products is really long!) so appetizing and pleasing to look at is also a strong pigment. Pigment molecules make their way into your teeth’s porous surface and dull their color, which diminishes your whole smile!

Beets and Beet Juice

Recent research has demonstrated that the humble beet (and beet juice) can do a lot of great stuff for you. Beets are a great source of antioxidants, and it may even have anti-inflammatory properties and can lessen your chances for developing heart disease.

Of course, beets just wouldn’t be beets without that bright red color. The red pigment betanin, which is present in beets can really stain your teeth, especially if you’ve added beet juice to your daily regimen.


Who doesn’t like blueberries? They’re an all-American food, and studies show that they can reduce the effects of aging, promote weight loss, and can even protect your brain from the oxidative stresses that can effect your cognitive functioning. Those are just a few of the benefits of blueberries.

Unfortunately, just like tomatoes, their bright blue juice is a very effective stainer (eat enough blueberries in one sitting and you’ll get an idea of what we’re talking about). It’s not just blueberries, either: blackberries, cherries, any berry that is bright and juicy can also have a negative impact on your smile’s look.


Did you know that walnuts have been used for everything from ink to hair dye? Today, walnuts are also used as a multi-purpose abrasive. That said, this shouldn’t dissuade you from eating them; walnuts are an excellent way to get the fatty acid Omega-3. If you’ve ever handled walnuts before, you might have noticed a black coloration on your hands. That’s why walnuts are great as an ink and great as a hair dye. They can also make your teeth lose their shine and color!

Get Rid of Stains with a Teeth Whitening or Bleaching Treatment at Smile Glen Ellyn!

Smile Glen Ellyn can get your teeth back to their natural whiteness and give you an energized new smile and appearance.

Zoom! Whitening and Opalescence

This method uses a combination of powerful teeth whitening gels called Opalescence: these contain varying concentrations of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide (which whitening agent and concentration you get depends upon your whitening needs). Your dentist will apply the gel with a special tray that fits in your mouth and protects your gums from the whitening gel (which can be a strong irritant for some; if you know you have sensitive gums, let your dentist know!). Then your doctor will use a Zoom! Whitening lamp; the whitening agents penetrate the tooth and remove stains; the lamp eradicates them.

Smile Glen Ellyn also offers custom-made trays and gels for at-home whitening treatments if you prefer.

Your Teeth Aren’t Going to Brighten Up On Their Own!

If you have a dull smile caused by diet, tobacco use, a coffee or tea habit, or any of the things we mentioned earlier in this post, consider a dentist-supervised whitening treatment! It’s safer and more effective than the kits you can buy in the store, plus the entire treatment is planned and completed with your oral health in mind! You won’t find that in a box.

Call us today! You can reach us at 630-858-8800, or fill out our online appointment form and book it yourself!

Your teeth won’t get whiter on their own. You’ve got to do something about it!

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