Dental IV Sedation

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Dental IV Sedation

Special Promotion IV Sedation

Dental Intravenous IV Sedation In Illinois

IV Sedation is the most advanced sedative technique for comprehensively controlling pain and anxiety in dentistry with includes wisdom teeth iv sedation. Intravenous dental sedation produces a profound state of relaxation. Dr. Gibbs skillfully controls the amount of sedative administered, quickly adjusting the sedation level to the patient’s individual needs. In most cases, amnesia is produced, and patients will not remember the procedures performed. The intravenous technique also furnishes superior pain control.

Dental IV SedationLess than 2% of general dentists in Illinois have the special training, permit, and licensing issued by the Board of Dental Examiners to perform this advanced sedative procedure. Dr. Gibbs has been trained and certified in the use of oral (tablet) and intravenous IV sedation. He is an early member of the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation, and holds an honorary membership in this association.

Other credentials of Dr. Gibbs include membership in the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology, plus yearly participation in their human simulation training. Not only the doctor but the entire clinical staff receive additional, ongoing training to keep abreast of developments.


Patients for whom IV sedation is recommended include:

  • Patients with moderate to severe dental anxiety, who also require longer appointments.
  • Special needs and handicapped patients who need more done during each appointment.
  • Patients who want large amounts of dentistry done per visit and need extra comfort.
  • Patients requiring complex or difficult dental surgery, where discomfort would be greater.
  • Patients who, for medical reasons, need more medications than can be administered orally.
  • People who are naturally difficult to numb and therefore need sedation for effective anesthesia.
  • Individuals with serious medical conditions who may need access to intravenous medication.
  • People who are sensitive to or allergic to conventional anesthetics.
  • Patients susceptible to gagging.
  • If you are highly phobic and do not wish

Dr. Gibbs has successfully completed dental care and smile makeovers for hundreds of patients using dental IV sedation and proven techniques.

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