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Implant Supported Dentures

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Overdentures and Bar Supported Dentures

Implant supported overdentures are the next step in comfort over implant retained dentures. Additional implants are required to provide the extra support, usually 4 to 5 in the lower jaw and 5 to 6 in the upper jaw. In this case the denture, although still removable, rest not on the patient’s gum but on a supporting bar supported by the dental implants. The result is a VERY stable foundation to chew with that doesn’t rock, and comfortable gums. The denture is locked into place with attachments that lock it into place, yet is easily removed by the patient.

Several major advantages of this technique include:

  • Bone support is maintained towards the back of the mouth as well, eliminating bone loss throughout the jaw rather than just at the front.
  • The denture is supported entirely by the implant, enabling much greater tissue comfort and retention.
  • Biting strength is now practically equivalent to your original teeth. Chewing efficiency is raised by 50% or more, though the hardest foods should still be avoided.
  • Your appearance and facial structure are preserved.
  • You gain renewed confidence and your quality of life increases.
Implant Overdenture

This alternative is more expensive than implant retained dentures, but is far more comfortable and stable. The denture no longer rocks while you are chewing or biting. ALL support is provided by the implant bar, rather than the denture being supported by the soft, sensitive gums. This is particularly important when bone support is minimal.

Also view our video on the How Dental Implants can Restore for ability to Chew and Smile Confidently

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