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We make patients at Glen Ellyn and nearby communities smile! Our practice offers a wide range of state of the art dental services in one location: sedation, implants, cosmetic, Invisalign, Six Month Smiles, CEREC, (crowns in one visit), 3D scan and more. No need to hop from one office to another for high quality treatments. Dr. Gibbs and his team at Smile Glen Ellyn have all your dental needs covered.

Patients love that they can just relax and have familiar faces who know their dental history well take care of them. But don’t just take our word for it. View the Reviews on this page and find out what actual patients have to say about our practice. Learn more about our dental treatments by visiting our Services and Smile Gallery pages.

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Read what our patients say about us…

Amy GelberAmy Gelber
04:57 01 Dec 23
The entire staff is amazing! I can’t imagine going to another dentist!
Nancy MattickNancy Mattick
16:22 10 Nov 23
Friendly, efficient, knowledgeable personnel who pay extra attention to your mouth/teeth needs, and to keep you smiling!
Deborah BuckleyDeborah Buckley
11:47 04 Oct 23
Dr. Gibbs spent a lot of time with me during my consultation. He was very thorough in explaining my options so I can make an informed decision. He was very understanding to my needs due to a recent poor experience at my prior dental office and was very patient with all my questions. His staff is friendly and caring.
Diane DudleyDiane Dudley
15:06 29 Sep 23
I had a wonderful experience at Smile GlenEllyn, especially with Dr. Jessica. She’s probably the best dentist I’ve ever had. She ticks all of the boxes. She’s extremely competent, gentle, kind, compassionate, understanding, etc. the list goes on and on. Also, the staff is incredible, namely, Jill. She also ticks all of the boxes. I’m so very happy I found Smile GlenEllyn. They are a diamond in the rough.
M MillerM Miller
13:19 21 Sep 23
excellent and thorough.staff very pleasant and knowledgeable.
Carol BrightonCarol Brighton
13:40 04 Aug 23
Always friendly and kind, I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my dental care. Barb is a wonderful hygenist and the Drs Gibbs are gentle and skilled dentists.
Mary Kay TroutMary Kay Trout
13:45 26 Jul 23
Dr. Jessica & Dr. Thomas are fantastic. I've been going to them for over 20 years. Staff is also fantastic and personable. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to see a dentist.Have gotten many compliments on my teeth and can smile with confidence now.
Erin KellyErin Kelly
14:17 05 May 23
The best dental experience I've ever had. All the staff are lovely, and professional. I always look forward to going, because no matter the procedure, they make you feel comfortable and heard. I recommend Dr Jessica Gibbs to all of my friends and co-workers 🙂
Angela WilliamsAngela Williams
20:07 03 May 23
Smile Glen Ellyn is in excellent choice. These your Lady was so pleasant and very friendly. Thomas R. Gibbs, is one of the best dentists doctor I've ever might. My experience was well over my expectations. I really almost cried. Use to be scared to go to the dentist. Looking forward to my next appointment.
Comfort, Embarrassment, and Dental Fear–Sedation Dentist Naperville Wheaton

Many thanks for changing my life! Never again will I have to agonize for weeks over an impending dental appointment.
-L Glazer, Dental Sedation & Dental Implant Patient Wheaton, IL

Again thank you for ALL you do for each and every one of your patients! I have a dental office that feels like home.
-Cosmetic Dentistry & Fearful Dental Patient Lisa Sandler, Glen Ellyn IL

Thank you for making my dental visit such a positive experience. It was a difficult decision switching dentists, but your staff definitely went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable. It must be very rewarding to work with such caring and compassionate staff on a daily basis.
-High Dental Fear & Sedation Dental Patient Ann B. Naperville IL

I thought I would take this opportunity to thank you for all the care, patience, and time taken with my dental care. As you know I was a white-knuckle apprehensive patient! Now I wish I had proceeded earlier. At last I can smile again!!! Thanks you again.
-Cosmetic Dentistry & Fearful Dental Patient Angela V. Wheaton IL

Dental Sedation and High Fear Patients

You have lived up to your ad and changed my attitude about caring for the teeth I have left…For the first time in life I have enjoyed a trip to the dentist and will never again have the agony and apprehension that have kept my nerves ragged for weeks.
We would all like to make the world a better place. I am going to change the lives of as many people I can by simply telling those I know and meet that if they fit the profile of the Dr. Gibbs solution, here is his phone number.
-Sedation and Fearful Patient Bill Bell, Elmhurst IL

Many thanks for changing my life! Never again will I have to agonize for weeks over an impending dental appointment.
-L. Glazer, High Fear & Dental Implant Patient Wheaton, IL

Why would I travel almost 2 hours to see Dr. Gibbs? I had a lifetime of horrible dental experiences! The staff was also so good at explaining treatment and helping me with the cost. Dr. Gibbs prescribed some medication before my appointment, and used an IV medication to completely put me to sleep. I hardly remember anything and now I have wonderful teeth that don’t hurt!
-IV and Oral Sedation Patient Mark P. Lake Bluff IL

I was at ease the entire time. It is so reassuring having a dentist take the time to treat you like a person and really care!
-Oral Sedation and Implant Patient Sylvia Barnes Wheaton IL

I thought my teeth would be the worst you have ever seen. Thank you for making me feel so at ease. With my busy travel schedule at work Dr. Gibbs was able to fix all my teeth in just a few visits. My last dentist gave me plan 3 pages long! I was terrified of the idea of countless visits and pain. Having it all done in long visits with sedation saved my schedule, my smile, and changed my concept of what a dentist could do. Little pain lost of gain. Thanks so much!!
-IV Sedation Patient Marla A. Schaumburg IL

Thank you for making my dental visit such a positive experience. It was a difficult decision switching dentists, but your staff definitely went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable. It must be very rewarding to work with such caring and compassionate staff on a daily basis.
-High Dental Fear & Sedation Dental Patient Ann B. Naperville IL

Again thank you for ALL you do for each and every one of your patients! I have a dental office that feels like home.
-Fearful Dental Patient Lisa Sandler, Glen Ellyn IL

Finding a doctor who genuinely cares for his patient’s comfort and concerns is quite rare. For patients like me, who agonize over a dental visit weeks prior to their visit, I feel your approach is brilliant. You gave all my options both in terms of treatment and what could be done for my comfort. Your office hours and finance options are very accommodating and appreciated.
-Fearful Dental Patient John T. Burr Ridge IL

I’m very happy I came and visited Dr. Gibbs. I don’t really enjoy going to the dentist and I needed lots of work done. He made me very comfortable and happy to be there. [The staff] was great too because they helped me make sense of what I needed and worked out a plan to get it all finished. The best part is that now I can smile again and not be shy about it!
-Fearful and Cosmetic Dentistry Patient Jason Cox, Wheaton IL

Tooth Whitening & “Bleaching”–Lombard & Oak Brook Patients

I never thought a smile could be so important. But after meeting the woman of my dreams, I have more confidence in myself than ever before. Thanks for everything!
-Cosmetic Dentistry Patient Ken S., Tooth Whitening & Cosmetic Dentistry Patient Lombard, IL

At 72 years old I didn’t think I would need my smile fixed until my grand-daughter looked up and asked why my teeth were so yellow. Oh, do children ever speak the truth! I had everything done and I now feel and look 15 year younger. I can’t tell you how many of my friends were envious!
-Tooth Whitening & Cosmetic Dentistry Patient Florence H. Cosmetic Dentistry Patient Oak Brook, IL

Cosmetic Dentistry Patient Wheaton

For years I walked around with my hand over my mouth and smiling with pursed lips. Now that I have my front teeth lightened and the old filling and crowns replaced I can smile with confidence. The staff and Dr. Gibbs explained everything so well and NOTHING HURT! Thank You many times over.
-Jane P. Cosmetic Dentist Patient Glen Ellyn IL

My co-workers were amazed at how quickly I went from having a hideous mouth to the perfect smile almost instantly! It seemed like magic and it didn’t hurt a bit.
-Edward W. Lombard IL Cosmetic Dentistry Patient

I always felt everyone noticed my teeth, as I was always noticing everyone’s smile. I felt odd and like I was from the bad side of town! Since the work I had done I feel good about myself. I now smile without worry thank you for the Million Dollar Smile Makeover you gave me. My life is now much better and I am so much more confident!
-Robert B. Cosmetic Dentistry Patient Wheaton IL

Implants & Dentures–Dental implants Chicago & Lombard & Winfield
I couldn’t smile without my teeth falling out and was embarrassed with the way they looked. I was terrified of the surgery as well. Fortunately, Dr. Gibbs sedation techniques got me through everything with ease. Now with my implants and cosmetic teeth I’m smiling and getting my social confidence back. My dating life has improved too!
-Linda L. Dental Implant & Sedation Patient Chicago IL

I had worn my dentures for many years and the teeth had worn off from chewing. They had become loose and would fall down when I tried to eat and speak due to age of the dentures and recent weight loss. Everyone at the office was very nice. At my first visit with Dr. Gibbs he asked me about what I wanted to be changed about the fit and looks for the new dentures, (I did not want the gaps). We were able to get started with the first step toward my new dentures that very same appointment!
After a few visits I got my new teeth! I wore them for a few days and got some sore areas that needed some attention. The dentures now fit great and look good too! I recommend anyone who needs some teeth Go see Dr. Gibbs!
-Dental Implant & Denture Patient John P. Lombard

Imagine chewing with your gums for 19 years. I tried a denture for my bottoms and food would always get caught beneath them. Dr. Gibbs placed 6 implants and a few months later bolted new teeth down there. I was able to chew steak again for the 1st time in 19 years!
-Dental Implant & Denture Patient Mary T. Lombard

It was devastating to think that I would have plastic and goo all over my mouth for the rest of my life. I felt so old and embarrassed. It was like the door to the nursing home was opening and I was going for a “short visit!” Dr. Gibbs first put in a couple of implants so my denture would stop flying out. Six months later I opted to have the works” and more implants placed so I could have teeth that stayed in for good. It is so wonderful to be able to talk without worrying about losing my teeth. Mostly I’m able to taste food and smile wide again! Thank you many times over.
-Angie S. Dental Implant & Sedation Patient Naperville IL

My first thought no way am I going to have someone place a screw into my jawbone! Dr. Gibbs placed 3 implants in and there was almost no discomfort. Just a couple of ×Advil was all that was needed that day. It’s nice not getting all that food caught under more old bridge.
-Dental Sedation, Relaxed, & Implant Patient Julie N. Hinsdale

My mother was 92 when she had her mouth restored with dental implants by Dr. Gibbs. I had been a patient of Dr. Gibbs for years when I asked him about my mother. She had complained for years about not being able to eat the foods she once loved to eat, about the sores in her gums, and mostly about the embarrassment of having her teeth fall out almost at will.
She lived to be just shy of 96. I remember her saying many times what a wonderful decision she made having those implants placed! Imagine being able to chew, talk without fear, and smile as big as you can! It was truly a quality of life versus mere money decision. So many times she said how much she wished she could have the implants placed much earlier. (She was happy that in the end she could take them with her!!) Thank you Dr. Gibbs for my Mother’s peace of mind in her last years of life!
-Denture and Implant Care Patient Karen F. Winfield IL

The Schick digital x-ray was amazing. Ultra-low radiation and I could see everything myself!
-Larry Bodine Glen Ellyn IL

I didn’t feel clean or safe in my last dental office. Dr. Gibbs made me very aware and good about dental care! Not only did he have things like lasers and a computerized numbing machine—but more important they took time for me as a person!
-Jeanie T Wheaton IL

Thanks so much for having the laser to do my fillings. The thought of getting a shot in my mouth is awful! Best of all, it was so quick and easy. I love not having to leave with that fat face numb feeling. Boy, do I wish this was around when I was a kid. Thank you.
-Margie S. Warrenville

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