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A mission to provide the best possible care to our patients is at the heart of Dr. Gibbs’ decision to make use of Cerec one visit tooth crown restorations. The computer, CAD-CAM manufacturing device, and ceramic blocks are actually quite expensive, so this procedure doesn’t save us money relative to traditional laboratory based tooth crown work. However, it does guarantee a high quality, consistent dental fixture that is available the same day, freeing the patient from the discomfort and problems of wearing From a practical standpoint, CEREC milling enables saving teeth that would once have been a total loss. These teeth, broken off close to the gum, are unsuited to cemented restorations because some remaining walls are needed to make these restorations sturdy enough for use. However, CEREC fittings need only a minimal amount of above-gum tooth remnant to be fully mounted and create a strong, lasting tooth repair. This means that full function can be restored to teeth that would formerly have either needed a root canal or would have been extracted entirely. We believe that saving a tooth in a minimally invasive manner is far superior to ripping it out of the jaw, when possible, and CEREC enables us to provide this superior treatment to you, our valued patient.

Advance technology, propelled by

the power of information technology!

Ways in Which CEREC Tooth Crown Surpass Older Tooth Crown

Medical science continues its rapid advance today, propelled by the power of information technology to quickly collate data and provide modeling which would have taken years of painstaking work just a generation ago. Materials technology has improved greatly in the span of just a few years. Five to ten years ago, “old fashioned” crowns were used which are today being phased out of use for many dental applications. These crowns were made in two parts, with a metal base topped by a porcelain tooth crown. This was problematic in several ways:

  • Since the porcelain and metal sections were separate and attached by fusing, the line of fusion was still a weak point where the tooth crown could shear off.
  • Gum recession frequently bared some of the black metal substructures on which the tooth crown was mounted. This produced an ugly “black line” that contrasted strongly with the adjacent white teeth.
  • To hide the metal, the porcelain used for the tooth crown was made too opaque to be realistic. Actual teeth are translucent, so the porcelain stood out because of its opacity.
  • The metal triggered an allergic reaction in the mouths of a minority of patients.
  • Older crowns had porcelain fused to metal–not uncommonly the porcelain would fracture from the metal leaving a fractured tooth crown to require expensive replacement
  • As the gums recede over time, but metal in older porcelain metal crowns show leaving an ugly and un-esthetic tooth crown

CEREC crowns, by contrast, are fashioned entirely out of porcelain, with no metal parts at all. Their one-piece construction makes them far more resilient, able to take full bite force in most cases and ensures their far greater longevity. Since there is no metal involved, they can be fully translucent, imitating the appearance of actual teeth far more accurately. Improved esthetics is also possible due to the greater variety of colors possible. Flexibility, bonding qualities, and wear strength can all be chosen to match the requirements of the position.

Summary of CEREC Tooth Crown Benefits

  • More original tooth structure can be preserved. In many cases, broken teeth that would have needed extraction years ago can now be saved and restored to function with CEREC.
  • The crowns are designed in the office and can be beautify customized and even custom stained during you visit!
  • Tooth crown designs are computerized and thus are always available if the CEREC tooth crown is broken and needs to be fabricated a new.
  • A variety of materials are available and are individually chosen for the needs of the patient.
  • This new porcelain is also close to hypoallergenic, and irritation is extremely rare.
  • One visit is enough to measure, mill, and cement the CEREC tooth crown, saving you time, effort, and perhaps money.
  • Temporary crowns are a thing of the past when CEREC is used, increasing your comfort and lessening the chance of incidental damage to the existing tooth.
  • Porcelain is highly durable and resembles the natural material of teeth.
  • Highly skilled dentists, such as Dr. Gibbs, can produce natural-looking teeth from the color gradient blocks of ceramic now on the market.
  • The CAD-CAM process tailors the tooth crown precisely to your mouth, making certain that it is fully compatible with your dentition.
  • CEREC takes a beautiful polish for a flashing, fresh-looking smile!

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