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Dentures and Implants–Denture Implants in Glen Ellyn for Implant Secured Dentures

Over many years, the bone that used to support and retain dentures erodes, and the denture can become chronically loose. In some cases, it may even fall out randomly. We can “lock down” a loose denture by placing two to four implants in the bone beneath it. Bone loss ceases in the area close to the implant supported dentures, but may continue in the area behind the new fixtures. Regardless of this, the benefits are definite and immediate, with most patients saying they can now eat anything they want to again!

Implant retained dentures or overdentures are a major improvement over ordinary, removable equivalents. They are not without their problems, which is why other, more intensive replacements (detailed in later sections) are appropriate for many patients. Nevertheless, they have some very solid benefits to consider, including:

  • They provide better support if some bone has already been lost.
  • Placement of the dental implants dentures stops bone loss in the areas where they are inserted.
  • Comfort is greatly enhanced because chafing and pressure points, which are usually present with removable dentures, are eliminated.
  • Removable dentures may trigger the gag reflex, implant retained dentures do not.
  • You can chew a greater variety of foods and exert more bite force, enjoying a more varied diet and gaining the health and nutrition benefits it offers.
  • These dentures make speaking easier, clearer, and more comfortable.

Implant retained dentures do tend to reduce the amount of bone in the jaw towards the back of the mouth, but compared to the whole-jaw reduction characteristic of removable dentures, this is a relatively small problem. We also offer even more effective treatments like implant supported dentures. Please read our site and give us a call to discuss the choice that’s best for you!

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