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Implant Supported Bridges to Eliminate Dentures

Implant supported Bridge Implant supported bridges are the ultimate replacement for dentures. They are fashioned in much the same way as regular bridges, but utilize implants as their supports rather than ground-down regular teeth like the ordinary type uses. Several of the advantages of  implant supported bridges method of fixing your oral problems include the fact that pressure from chewing is distributed between all the implants supporting the dental bridges, rather than being concentrated on just one at a time. This makes the arrangement extremely tough and durable. The bridge itself is made out of high quality porcelain, fused onto a metal support, and is visually indistinguishable from natural teeth most of the time. The bridge is cleaned like ordinary teeth, though you should also floss between the fixture and the gum in order to maintain proper hygiene and gum health.

Some of the benefits of  implant supported bridges you can expect from this oral treatment include:

  • May be an upgrade from implant retained or support overdentures.
  • Lets you eat and function as though you still had your natural teeth.
  • A solid, stable solution compared to dentures.
  • Preserves your facial appearance and prevents bone loss.
  • Immediate function in mandible and maxilla.
  • Gives a nice, natural smile with better esthetics than dentures offer.

Offers a long-lasting solution, often for life.

  • Provides renewed confidence and improved quality of life overall.
  • Are not removable and therefore cannot fall out at an inconvenient moment!
  • Chewing restored to the same level as natural teeth, so that you can eat whatever food takes your fancy.
  • No plastic on the roof of your mouth, enabling unimpeded chewing and letting you taste your food just as much as you could before the fixture was installed.
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1. Before the dental bridge procedure. The dentist determines what needs to be done, and prepares both himself/herself and the patient for the coming treatment procedure.
2. Installing the implant supported bridges. The first step is to replace the lost tooth roots by installing dental implants, since these serve as a foundation for everything to follow. The number of implants placed depends both on bone condition and the implantologist’s judgment. If conventional implants are utilized, temporary dentures can be made or your old dentures can be worn while the implants are left to heal. This enables you to eat and function while the new fixtures integrate with your jawbone.
3. Attaching the bridge. Once the jaw is healed, the final step is making and securely installing the fixed dental bridges on top of the implants.
4. End result. Your new teeth should be hard to tell from the natural originals – both from your perspective and that of other people. Patients who have used traditional dentures before getting a implant supported bridge often describe this as an overwhelmingly positive and liberating experience.

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