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Custom Cosmetic Dentures

We provide custom cosmetic dentures where the denture teeth are set in a wax base so you may try them in to see how the denture will look before it is completed. You may make changes to suit you, consistent with your dental needs. After you have approved the look of your custom cosmetic dentures, the laboratories will custom finish your cosmetic dentures in the permanent acrylic base material. It’s like designing your own smile!
Cosmetic Dentures, Facelift denture

cosmetic dentures before-after

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This is a more involved process than conventional dentures. Just like a cosmetic dentistry case with porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns, the shape of the individual teeth, position and alignment of the teeth, and shade of the teeth is individually adjusted for the patient. There is also a large variety in the quality and type of cosmetic dentures teeth that can be used—Dr. Gibbs in Glen Ellyn chooses the type appropriate for patient based not only on cosmetic dentistry factors but the manner that the patient chews!

We also provide Premium Cosmetic Dentures where the custom cosmetic dentures are made with the best denture teeth available, which are highly resistant to wearing down and do not stain easily. For patients who have a difficult time chewing certain foods such as meat and lettuce, we offer a real breakthrough denture that has a medical stainless steel blade imbedded in the back chewing teeth. These bladed teeth working against specially shaped opposing teeth act like a knife against a chopping block to increase the efficiency of chewing. For patients with a loose lower denture, the cutting ability of this denture is usually a major improvement over anything worn before.

Facelift Type Denture

A newer denture is the Facelift Type Denture. This is a variant of the Cosmetic denture where the denture is carefully molded to adjust to the amount of facial tissue lost during aging. The sunken contours of the face occur when:

  • The vertical height of the face is lost with missing teeth
  • The soft tissue of the face lose their tightness with loss of collagen
  • The amount of bone lost from missing teeth
  • The loss of muscle mass with diminished chewing ability associated with tooth loss

facelift denture

Removable Partial Denture

A Removable Partial Denture replaces missing teeth and fills in spaces for patients who still have some of their own teeth. This appliance can be designed to replace 1 tooth or 14 teeth in either upper or lower arch. Our standard partial denture is made from a combination of cast chrome alloy and acrylic. It has metal clasps Partial denture which attach to the patient’s teeth.

Many patients want to have their removable denture of partial on the same day their teeth are extracted. We are able to provide this service by taking the impressions of the mouth a week before the extraction visit. The impressions are then sent to a dental laboratory, and the denture or partial is constructed and ready to be placed on the day of the extractions. As the healing process occurs, the gums will shrink. As a result, the denture or partial will loosen and need to be relined at a later date.

removable partial denture

Metal Free partial Dentures–Claspless Partial Dentures

Also ask us about the newer “claspless” metal free partial dentures. This type of partial denture eliminated the metal clasps that secure the partial into place. They can often be made thinner but there are limitations on Cosmetic denture glen ellyn their use. Come into the office for a consultation to determine if they are an option for you!

Lastly, ask us about the most revolutionary aspect of tooth replacement. Cosmetic Dentures and now be stabilized with specialized precision attachments incorporated into dental implants. Imagine–no more loose dentures or sticky adhesives. And for those who could never adjust to the feel of partials, we can now often replace them with comfortable, like-like implant supported crowns and bridges!

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