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Dental Anxiety Comfort Options

Do You Experience Fear or Anxiety Before Going to the Dentist?

Does the thought of an upcoming dental visit fill you with anxiety? Have you ever delayed or avoided tooth cleaning or other routine oral care because of dental fear? If so, you are not alone, since apprehension about dental care is a fairly common phobia. Estimates put the number of people who have some degree of dental aversion at 28%, and as many as 48% sometimes delay routine visits because of worry at the prospect of discomfort.

bnr-sedationFortunately, we offer plenty of stress-reducing options to make your visits comfortable. Please feel free to bring your concerns to our attention – we are ready to discuss any special needs or worries you may have about your care.



Comfort Options

To help you have the most comfortable, pleasant dental visit you have ever experienced, we offer the following to put you at ease:

  • Caring and understanding staff. There’s no scolding or embarrassment here! You’re our valued client, and we promise to stop, listen to your concerns, and discuss them with you.
  • Stereo headphones to reduce noise and distraction. We have a great choice of iPod music, and you are also welcome to bring your own favorites music.
  • Digital x-ray sensors (inside the mouth) and digital panoramic x-rays are very comfortable, reducing or eliminating gagging.
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