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Dental Health

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The Incredible Importance of Great Dental Health

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If you think that good dental health is not important you must read our sections on:

  • Dental Disease and Heart disease — Scary but you should know this information!
  • Dental Health and Diabetes — each malady worsens the other in a bad cycle!
  • The Danger of Dentures — how about increased senility, sunken faces, digestive problems an more!

Dental Health Topics

  • Read our section on bad breath or Halitosis — I don’t know anyone that isn’t at some time concerned! Headache,migraines, and jaw joint pain? —Read our section on this topic! Sometimes we even use Botox to help these people!
  • Tooth grinding (bruxism) affects more than 25% of the population and causes all sorts of problems. Read about how to stop this!
  • Gum recession is also common and again cascades down to all sorts of problems that can be prevented!

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