Dental Wand (Syringeless Numbing)

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Dental Wand (Syringeless Numbing)

Dental Wand for Comfortable Dental “Shots” & Numbing

Are you looking for an anesthetic that comes close to the ideal of “painless?” According to a recent national survey, over 50% of patients fear anesthetic syringes. Many patients get nervous at the mere sight of a shot needle!

Dental-NoSyringeWandRecognizing this and working to make your dentistry as pleasant as possible, we use “the Wand,” the newest option for delivery of local anesthetics. The “Civil War era” syringe that many patients agonize over causes most of the associated discomfort due to the feeling of pressure created by the flow of the dental anesthetic. A computer controlled injection system can greatly relieve this discomfort. The Wand uses a computer microprocessor to regulate the flow rate, temperature, and pressure of the anesthetic. Result: comfortable anesthesia!

THE WAND® represents the first major technological advance in anesthetic delivery since the syringe was first invented nearly one hundred and fifty years ago. The Wand regulates the flow rate and pressure of the anesthetic solution, delivering it more precisely than was ever possible in the past. This provides quicker numbing of the teeth, often without the accompanying numbing of the lips, tongue, and face.

We also use a greatly improved version of the old “Novocain” called Articaine. Pharmacological advances have produced anesthetics that “soak in” faster and produce a stronger numbing effect. By combining the Wand delivery system, a better pre-numbing topical anesthetic, and improved dental anesthesia, we come as close to “painless” dentistry as is medically possible!

If you have a few minutes, another series of videos that Dr. Gibbs was asked to produce for YouTube is presented below.

Again, watch our video on How to Have Relaxed Comfortable Dental Visits Without Fear or Anxiety.

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