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Regain Your Smile with a Mini Dental Implant

by | Nov 12, 2020 | Blog, Dental Implants

mini dental implant


Your Glen Ellyn cosmetic dentist offers some options when it comes to teeth replacements. You may have heard of dental crowns, dentures, bridges, and traditional implants. But in some instances, you may be a good candidate for a mini dental implant. Dr. Gibbs is happy to discuss the options and which one is right for you.

What are the benefits of mini dental implants?

A mini tooth implant offers the same range of advantages you would receive from standard-sized implants, including:

  •  Stable replacement tooth (or teeth)
  • Healthier oral health
  • Natural-looking smile
  • Restored full oral function
  • Improved digestion
  • A new sense of confidence

How Mini Implants Help Restore Your Smile

Traditionally, a Glen Ellyn cosmetic dentist used tooth replacement options like dentures, bridges, or full-sized dental implants. Both bridges and dentures are non-invasive procedures that help restore your smile without surgery. Dental implants provide a more secure option, restore your full smile, and look natural.

Implants are placed securely in the mouth using a titanium screw that is surgically and permanently attached to the implant and your jawbone. If you prefer a restoration but would rather have a less invasive procedure, the mini dental implant may be your better choice.

Are there any advantages over dentures or bridges?

Bridges and dentures are still effective ways to treat tooth loss. However, mini implants offer a few benefits over both options, including:

  • You don’t have to remove mini implants to clean them. Dentures and bridges both need to be removed to clean them. Mini implants, like their traditional counterpart, are brushed just like natural teeth.
  • Implants don’t present problems with eating. They function just like your natural teeth, so you can eat anything you want.
  • Dentures and bridges typically need replacement every 10 to 15 years. Implants are made to last a lifetime.
  • Mini implants do not move around when you are speaking. Dentures or a bridge can often slur your speech slightly because of the tendency to move.

How do Mini Dental Implants Work?

Mini implants function similarly to larger traditional implants. Due to their smaller size, they can also be used for several other purposes. Mini implants often support a dental bridge, a fixed crown, or dentures. They do not need as many visits to A Better Smile Dentistry, and they don’t require extensive dental work. They are usually placed in a single visit and multiple visits are not necessary.

This newer technique for replacing missing teeth was specifically designed to solve the problems of larger, traditional implants. They are less invasive and less painful. You do not have to dread multiple procedures, and they do not involve bone grafts. Mini implants often fit in smaller spaces or replace smaller teeth like premolars and incisors. And in many cases, they are less expensive.

Who can benefit from a mini dental implant?

Dr. Gibbs at A Better Smile Dentistry will recommend mini implants in certain cases. You may be a good candidate if one or more of these conditions apply to you.

  • You don’t have adequate jawbone strength to support standard-sized dental implants
  • There’s not enough space for larger implants.
  • You need a less expensive option for replacing missing teeth.
  • You prefer a less-invasive procedure.

This option is well-suited for patients who have smaller than normal teeth, have loose dentures, or have premolar replacement. We understand that everyone’s smile is unique. That’s why your treatment is customized to fit your specific needs.


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Are you worried about a weak jawbone? You can still use mini dental implants to improve your smile. Dr. Gibbs has the experience and expertise to provide you with advanced alternatives to traditional implants. Call us today to discuss restoring your smile with a mini dental implant.

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