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How CEREC Can Save Your Tooth

by | Jul 28, 2015 | Blog

Technology is important in every field. Teachers are using iPads and interactive boards to improve the learning of their students. Mechanics use electronic equipment to better diagnose your car’s engine trouble. Chefs use the latest technology to cook food faster and tastier. The dental office is no different.

There aren’t many dental office in Glen Ellyn, IL that are doing the type of work we are doing. We are dedicated to finding the best solutions to your smile problems, which means we are constantly seeking new technological advances that will help you get the smile of your dreams.

This takes shape in many forms. One of our staff’s favorite procedures is anything that involves the CEREC machine. CEREC stands for CERamic REConstruction. It is a computer-driven machine that we use most often to create ceramic crowns for our patients while they wait! This can often save the tooth from a lot more trauma down the road. Let’s see how it works.

When a Crown is Needed

A crown is a necessary dental restoration when a tooth can no longer function on its own. Whether that is because the tooth is broken, cracked, or has had a filling go bad, a crown can be placed over the entire tooth, which will reinforce the tooth and give it back its functionality. In many cases, crowns are needed quickly to protect a tooth from infection or further damage. The old way of creating crowns sometimes lead to very serious problems! Take a look below.

Traditional Crown Development

In the past, a crown was developed over several appointments. It began by preparing the tooth (removing enamel) for the crown. Impressions were made and sent off to the lab for crown creation. Then, the patient played the waiting game for a few weeks and hoped that the new crown would be a perfect fit! In the meantime, the patient had to wear a temporary crown, which are known for breaking and falling off.

While most crowns worked just fine, there were far too many cases of crowns NOT working. A temporary would break and lead to an infection, which would require a root canal. Sometimes a crown would not fit and would have to be sent back to the lab for an even longer waiting time!

Patients needed a better solution, which is why we invested in our very own CEREC milling machine. CEREC has transformed the crown process into something that is reliable and dependable.

CEREC Differences

CEREC is much different from the traditional process because it is fast, highly effective, and very safe for your teeth. None of the problems mentioned above happen with CEREC because the process has changed so completely! Take a look at what we mean.

Fast – The several week process outlined above has been condensed into a single appointment. That’s right. One single trip to the dentist is all it takes to get a permanent crown! There is no waiting period because the crown is crafted right here in our office while you wait. The milling machine with carve out the perfect crown, and if it has a flaw, we can quickly repeat the process so you don’t want out of our office until you have your permanent crown in place!

Effective – Messy impressions are not the best way to measure and map teeth. Using digital, 3D imaging is the best way to create a perfectly-fitting crown. Part of the CEREC process is taking these images of your teeth to create a map for the milling machine. It all works together in one fluid process to give you the best outcome possible: a crown that fits perfectly!

Safe – There’s no reason to fear for your teeth during the CEREC process. We will remove the necessary enamel, but there’s no risk of an infection because we will seal your tooth with a permanent crown on the same day! You don’t have to fear a root canal or broken temporary crown when you have CEREC on your side.

A Dental Restoration in One Day

At the end of the day, CEREC does what no other dental restoration device can do: provides a quality crown in a single day. Contact our office today to learn more. We would love to show you the CEREC in action or just answer the questions you have about the process. We hope you’ll never need CEREC technology, but if you do, it’s right here waiting for you!

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