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CEREC: A Simple Solution For A New Smile | Glen Ellyn, IL

by | Dec 1, 2015 | Blog

Millions of people all over the United States would love to improve their smiles. You may be one of them.

You might look at your teeth and wish there was something you could change. Even one bad tooth can be enough to change the appearance of your smile and affect your ability to bite and chew your food.

Fixing your smile may seem daunting, especially at first. How many trips will you need to make to the dentist? How long will it take?

Thankfully, there is a simple solution, CEREC same-day dental crowns. In one visit to our dentist office, the team at Smile Glen Ellyn can craft a dental crown for you that looks and functions like a real tooth.

Simple process

CEREC dental crowns offer patients an easy, effective way to fix a number of problems. CEREC is short for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics.

What that means is that we can do in about an hour what may take weeks at another dentist office.

The process starts when we make a “digital impression” of the tooth or teeth that need work. Our dentist then reshapes your tooth into an abutment that will support your dental crown.

At other offices, this may require sending your impression to a laboratory. The lab will then craft a dental crown for you as soon as they are able. Who knows how many dentists and how many patients send requests to that lab? It could be weeks before they are able to get to your dental crown and send it back to the dentist.

With CEREC, we can skip that step, which saves you from having to make an extra trip to the dentist. With CEREC, we use our on-site milling machine to craft your dental crown while you wait.

Using computer software, we are able to send a digital impression of your teeth to the CEREC machine. The machine turns that information into a dental crown for you.

You can walk in with a tooth that has been bothering you and go home with a natural-looking smile. It really is that easy.

Simple product

How can we make your dental crowns so quickly? CEREC crowns are made from one thing — porcelain.

Many other dental crowns are made by fusing porcelain to metal. This makes the crafting process more complex, since two separate pieces need to be made to fit together.

Some patients are allergic to the metals used in these crowns. If you are one of those patients, the metal in your crown could irritate your gums.

With CEREC dental crowns, you won’t have worry about either of these issues.

Because CEREC crowns are made with one substance, they can be crafted more quickly. We entering your information into our machine, and the machine mills a piece of porcelain into the precise shape of a healthy, natural tooth.

Simple solution

When your CEREC dental crowns are placed in your mouth, you will see and feel the difference. It’s an easy way to fix any number of dental problems in less time.

If you have tooth decay, you know that it changes the color of your teeth. Yellow teeth and teeth with dark, ugly spots stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Just as important, tooth decay weakens your teeth. This can make your teeth more sensitive, which can make it painful to eat certain kinds of foods.

Likewise, chipped and broken teeth can make you more self-conscious about your smile, and create problems with your bite.

With either of these tooth problems, CEREC crowns can repair the appearance of your teeth and restore your bite force. On a practical level, you can smile without feeling self-conscious, and you can eat without worry.

Simply call

You know better than anyone how a tooth problem can affect you. It may reduce your self-confidence or force you to give up eating certain things. With CEREC dental crowns, you can get back your smile, regain your chewing ability, and have both in less time than you would with other crowns.

The easiest way to get your teeth back into shape is to call Smile Glen Ellyn to make an appointment. Use our online form or call our office at 630-858-8800 to schedule your visit.

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