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Why Wait for a New Smile?

by | May 9, 2015 | Blog

Glen Ellyn, IL is a suburb of Chicago, a city renowned for its architecture (among other things). When one of our famous buildings needs an improvement, it’s common to see them covered temporarily by the scaffolding that the builders need to do their difficult but very precise work. Sometimes the scaffolding can stay up for longer than a year, and the building is hidden behind it. When it comes down, the old building looks brand new.

Orthodontics sort of work the same way! The wires and brackets used in braces even slightly resemble construction scaffolding. Of course, people aren’t buildings. Even though one out of four US adults could benefit from braces, they don’t go through with it because the braces or “scaffolding” is unsightly, and because braces can take over a year to work. That’s just too long for your mouth to have an obvious “Under Construction” sign hanging from it.

If you’re tired of covering your mouth when you laugh, or you tend to give a tight, closed-lipped smile in photographs, you can now get the straight, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted with Six Month Smiles. Six Month Smiles cuts treatment times in half, and it does so almost invisibly.

No scaffolding, no “Under Construction” sign. Just healthy, straight teeth that will make your smile look brand new!

The Six Month Smiles Advantage

The problem with traditional braces is they take too long (a year or even longer in some cases), and adults just don’t have the time to wait. Most people get braces when they’re children, because, frankly, kids don’t mind the change it makes to their appearance. Adults on the other hand are constantly judged by their appearance in all kinds of situations: romantic, professional, or social.

Traditional braces take so long because they are designed to repair the entire mouth’s misalignment problems. Once again, this is a much better deal for kids, because they often require all that work to improve their oral health and bite. Adults for the most part get braces because they want to improve the look of their smile. Six Month Smiles is an orthodontic solution that is intended for cosmetic enhancements only. It’s only designed to work on the teeth that are visible when you smile. By cutting out all that extra work, Six Month Smiles can do their job and be out of your mouth in half the time, averaging about six months for a full treatment.

Six Month Smiles doesn’t stop there! Let’s return to the building with the scaffolding. The scaffolding is very noticeable of course, but what if they took steps to conceal it somehow? Maybe they could take a page out of the Six Month Smiles book. Six Month Smiles are discrete and very difficult for other people to notice. Just like traditional braces, Six Month Smiles braces use wires and brackets to gently push your teeth into place. Unlike traditional braces though, most people won’t notice them. That’s because the wires are tooth-colored (and there are lots of shades to choose from; your dentist is specially trained to select the shade that will work best for you), and the brackets are translucent.

Nobody has to know you have braces!

What’s the Catch? Can Everyone Use Six Month Smiles?

Your dentist will give you a consultation first, just like any other dental procedure. Your dentist will make an assessment of your alignment issues and your oral health to make a determination if you need braces, and if Six Month Smiles can work for you.

Most adults (starting at the age of 16) are able to use Six Month Smiles braces. However, it is possible that your treatment will last longer than six months (remember, it would be MUCH longer if they were traditional braces!).

There is a minority of adults who have alignment problems which are so severe, Six Month Smiles just isn’t an option because the need is beyond cosmetic. To repair these issues, your dentist might recommend traditional braces, or possibly Invisalign (the “invisible” orthodontics technology).

Fix Your Smile Today With Six Month Smiles!

If you’re an adult with alignment issues, however slight, we know that they can be a real source of embarrassment. Six Month Smiles can give you a smile you can be proud of!

Gain a new smile and new confidence.

Call us at 630-858-8800, or you can make an appointment online by clicking here.

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