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Whitening Your Teeth Professionally

by | Apr 7, 2018 | Blog, Cosmetic Dentistry, Services

professional whitening

A radiant smile is something that we all desire. It has the ability to make us feel more attractive and boost our confidence. Sometimes though, our smile needs a little help. Professional tooth whitening is a procedure that can restore a smile to its better days. It’s a safe and effective alternative to OTC treatments.

Professional Advantage

OTC methods may be convenient, but they lack the effectiveness and customized approach provided by a professional tooth whitening treatment. They use generic tooth molds that aren’t customized to fit the individual patient, resulting in inconsistent application of the whitening gel. A professional tooth whitening procedure, however, is designed with you in mind and delivers results that are superior to an OTC method.

Dr. Thomas Gibbs of Smile Glen Ellyn understands the value that a professional tooth whitening procedure can provide for our patients. This method has the ability to safely and effectively remove tough stains from your teeth and reveal your bright white smile again. Our entire Glen Ellyn team loves to see patients get their best smiles back through the use of safe and effective dental procedures.

Affordable and Effective

Professional tooth whitening is quick and can often be done in around an hour. You even have the option of performing this procedure in the comfort of your own home! Regardless of the method favored, professional tooth whitening is very affordable and cost-effective. A visit to Smile Glen Ellyn will deliver results in as little as an hour, and the at-home treatment will continue to brighten your teeth at your own pace. It’s truly a win-win.

Trust your smile to a dentist that knows how to safely and effectively restore your pearly whites. Schedule your appointment today with Dr. Gibbs, and he’ll help you uncover your bright smile!

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