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What Your Mouth Says about You

by | Nov 11, 2017 | Blog

Dentist explaining x-ray

Contrary to the popular belief that dentists are only after cavities and plaques, your mouth is the first gateway for diagnosis of various diseases that Dr. Gibbs can spot by simple regular examination. Your mouth can not only help provide early detection of diseases, but also give away things about your life. Some examples include:

Yet To Make Flossing A Habit

According to Dr. Gibbs, patients who are yet to incorporate flossing into their daily routine would exhibit gum slices occasioned by the flossing thread.

You Are Expecting

The American Pregnancy Association reports that pregnancy gingivitis is occasioned by hormonal changes during gestation period that causes increased blood flow to the gums as well as stifling the body ability to fight off bacteria causing gingivitis.


A fancy word that you have made nail-biting a habit. Tell-tale signs include chipped and cracked teeth enamel.

Once Upon A Time You Sucked Your Thumb

The American Dental Association reports that thumb sucking is a natural reflex action that children do engage starting in the womb. However, prolonged thumb sucking after the ages of seven has a detrimental effect on the teeth and jaw alignment.

So, remember to come in for your appointments at least once a year at the Smile Glen Ellyn office; we may be able to spot a surprise right in time for treatment.

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