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If you want to keep your own teeth for a lifetime, Dr. Thomas Gibbs has a recommendation. According to results of a multi-year study, simply adding the supplements vitamin D and calcium to your healthcare routine can produce major benefits.

Researchers gave participating seniors 500 mg of calcium and 700 units of vitamin D for 3 years. The result was impressive: a 40 percent reduction in the chance of losing your teeth.

And Brush and Floss!

As always, the starting point for keeping your teeth in excellent shape is daily brushing and flossing. And for seniors, this is particularly important, according to the Smile Glen Ellyn dental team.

Many seniors take one or more of the 400+ medications that cause dry mouth, producing too little saliva. But saliva is Mother Nature’s way of getting rid of bacteria on your teeth. When you don’t produce enough, bacteria and plaque build up, causing cavities. Seniors can fight by simply by using their toothbrush and floss each day. This removes buildup and lowers your chance of getting cavities.


Feel free to stop by at your Glen Ellyn, IL dental team for any questions regarding your oral health as your age and best practices for supplements. Our team is happy to help!

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