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While 2015 is still difficult to write, and the New Year’s celebration hasn’t quite worn off yet, it’s still time to consider ways that you can make 2015 the best yet. At the top of every resolution list is two words: Get Healthy. This is a huge goal, and it takes time to accomplish, but with the right frame of mind and tools in place, you can make great headway towards this goal. You can begin with a trip to the grocery where a few simple changes in purchases will benefit your family’s oral health.

Selecting Healthier Beverages – Soda, sports drinks, and juice top the lists of popular beverages in the United States. We know that soda is bad, even when it’s diet, but we think sports drinks and juice are better. In actuality, the sugar content is still very harmful. The one beverage that is safe to keep next to you all day long is water. It’s great for your body, and great for your teeth!

Selecting Healthier Snacks – We have a bad habit of reaching for snacks that are full of starch. We love chips, crackers, pretzels, etc. The problem with those snacks is that the food breaks up and sticks to your teeth. Instead, you should stock your fridge with fresh, crunchy fruits and vegetables that will add nutrients to your smile as well as scrub the plaque and tartar from your teeth!

Selecting Healthier Meals – One way you can improve your meals is with a high quality, lean protein. The protein adds minerals to your teeth through a process called remineralization. Proteins as well as hard cheese can also scrub your teeth from other food particles.

A simple trip to the grocery store can be the beginning of changing the way your family eats. We recommend that you take things in small steps to ensure success along the way. Contact us today to learn more about how improving your family’s groceries can also improve oral health! Check back next time for more information about how to make water the most attractive beverage in your fridge!

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