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There are very few people in this world who genuinely love having their teeth cleaned. However, most of us acknowledge that it is necessary and helpful, so we go every six months and reap the benefits of a healthier mouth. What keeps the other 35-40% of patients away? Generally it is the thought of pain that keeps patients away, which is why we are so pleased to be able to offer needle-free numbing during a dental cleaning.

Patients who fear the dentist often fear the idea of numbing as well. Numbing, traditionally, is administered with a syringe. If a patient is already nervous about being at the dental office, chances are pretty great that the patient won’t want a syringe in their mouth either. However, we have the ability to make a dental cleaning completely comfortable without using any needles.

A Gentle Cleaning

Whether you see a dentist regularly or haven’t been in years, we can ensure that your next dental cleaning is the most comfortable that you’ve ever experienced. With some of the most advanced dentistry available, we can place numbing solution just where it’s needed. We use a special wand that accurately and efficiently places the solution just along the gumline where it is most needed. The result is a comfortable numbing procedure, followed by a completely gentle cleaning experience.

Numbing doesn’t have to be the most frightening part of your cleaning. We can help you feel at ease and get the work done without the pain and anxiety. Contact us today to learn more about this procedure. We can’t wait to help you have the best dental cleaning of your life!

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