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Summer Dental Safety

by | Jul 12, 2015 | Blog

Summertime is one of the best seasons here just outside the windy city. While we may not be lakefront in Glen Ellyn, we still enjoy the beaches with just a short drive. Summertime is perfect for a trip to the lake, a day at Wrigley Field, or a stop at one of the many museums downtown.

Whatever you enjoy, we have it here, and since the kids aren’t in school, this is the perfect time to take them out on an adventure! There’s so much to do and so much fun to be had, but we hope you are taking extra precautions to keep all of your smiles safe this summer season.

While all seasons have their own particular concerns, summer has some unique risks that you might not be aware of. We want to take some time today to discuss those risks and the steps you can take to ensure your family’s safety while you’re out having fun in the sun!

Have a Great Summer Without Risking Your Smile

We want you to have a great summer. None of these risks are going to keep you from enjoying summer vacation, but we do want you to pay close attention to what is happening with your smile. With a few wise decisions, you can prevent problems and maintain your healthy, beautiful smile! Below are a few tips for you to consider.

Choose Healthy Beverages

Who doesn’t love a glass of sweet lemonade or shaved ice on a hot summer day? It’s an American tradition, but it can work a number on your teeth. The extra sugar is harmful, and it doesn’t do a great job of keeping you hydrated. Your body needs water to help it stay hydrated. The hydration benefits your muscles and organs, but it also benefits your teeth!

A key defense mechanism against decay and infection is your very own saliva! It has bacteria-fighting properties, but in order for those properties to work, your body needs an adequate supply of saliva. That only comes from drinking plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated! Summertime can dry you out, so be sure you are getting the water you need!

Select Great Snacks

While on your summer adventures, you might grab some snacks for you and yours to enjoy along the way. That’s a great idea, but be sure your snacks are going to benefit your teeth instead of harm them! We generally think of pretzels, crackers, and chips for snacks, but the results aren’t great for your teeth.

Rather than picking up starchy, sticky snacks, go for something fresh and crunchy, like apples, grapes, or carrot sticks. Even a cheese stick is better for your teeth because the textures of these snacks actually scrub your teeth instead of sticking to them!

Stock Up on SPF Lip Balm

Oral cancer is a very real concern. Don’t forget to do what you can to protect your lips from harmful UV rays. You carry bottles of sunscreen with you, sometimes one for every member of the family, but do you also carry SPF protection lip balm?

Apply lip balm throughout the day just as you would sunscreen. The balm will cover and protect your lips from sun exposure, which can lead to oral cancer.

Swim Safely

Whether you are visiting one of the city’s many pools or water parks, be sure to protect your teeth from harmful chlorine exposure. The chlorine in the pool water keeps it safe for your body by getting rid of bacteria, but it’s not meant to go in your mouth! Chlorine can do significant damage to your tooth enamel, so it’s important that you care for your teeth after you swim.

Drink plenty of water to keep your mouth hydrated, and brush your teeth following a trip to the pool. This will remove the chlorine from your teeth and help you maintain a healthier smile.

Avoid Ice

It’s tempting to do just about anything to stay cool on these hot summer days, but there is one activity we hope you’ll avoid: chewing ice! This unfortunate habit can result in broken teeth in no time. If you want to cool off, find another way!

If you do happen to break your tooth during this or any other summer activity, give us a call immediately! Your teeth needs to be seen as quickly as possible to prevent infection and further damage.

Make Your Appointment Today

Don’t let summertime be ruined by a dental problem. Contact our office today to set up an appointment for your summer cleaning and exam. We would be happy to check your smile and answer any questions you might have about these or other summer smile concerns. Call today!

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