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Periodontal disease is a serious problem, and is now seen often in dental practices. Over the past few years, researchers have become aware and concerned about these levels. Our process is to first gather evidence from case reports. Then we are able to form an estimate of the number of affected people. We examine the nature of diagnostic methods, and try to find areas for improvement.

Research about periodontitis has been a common subject for authors from the US and India, with plenty of articles being published in recent years. One trend is reports of oral caries. Another is the rise of salivary studies. Monitoring oral and systemic disease by looking that the saliva is a newer approach; in the past serum was used. Articles about salivary diagnostic tools are also being seen more frequently in the literature these days.

Dr. Thomas Gibbs, DDS is an experienced and state-of-the-art Glen Ellyn dentist.

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