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Protect Your Smile With Water

by | Nov 26, 2015 | Blog

Protect Your Smile With Water

Welcome back to our dentistry blog!

If you are looking for quality dental solutions in Glen Ellyn, IL, we’ve got you covered at Smile Glen Ellyn. Please stop by sometime soon to see what we can do for the health and appearance of your smile.

We like to use this blog as a health and wellness platform and an educational resource that you can draw from in-between your regular appointments.

Today we wanted to talk about American history.
Did you know that not so long ago the government saved our smiles from a horrible fate?

A Watershed Moment For Oral Health

There was a time when disease and decay was rampant in the mouths of the United States’ population.

Halfway through the 20th century, government leaders and health advisors in this country took on an ambitious project that focused on the fluoridation of public water in an attempt to improve the oral health of the American people.

To be sure, this is something we take for granted now, but it was a pretty big deal when it happened. There were even conspiracy theories floating around about mind control and such.

In any event, the experiment worked. The incidence of tooth decay has been significantly lowered decade after decade ever since. That is until recently.

It looks like cavities are making a comeback.

You might be surprised at the culprit.

Bottled Decay

Hold onto your hat.

It turns out that the recent rise in reported tooth decay appears to be correlated to our increased consumption of bottled water in the last decade or two.

Don’t worry, the water in the bottles isn’t creating cavities.

But the more you drink bottled water, the less you will consume tap water.

And our tap water is engineered to prevent cavities with all the fluoride it contains.

Many people in Glen Ellyn, IL buy bottled water for their family based on the popular misconception that tap water is polluted, while bottled water is more natural.

Some folks even convince themselves that bottled water tastes better.

In reality, public water companies are held accountable for following safety guidelines regarding tap water.

Bottled water manufacturers are not regulated in this manner.

And, to your Glen Ellyn dentist, water tastes like water!

Furthermore, why pay for something that pollutes the environment with plastic? Especially when you could get a free version at home that does not cause any such damage and contains oral health benefits in the form of fluoride.

American Tap Water: A Free Way To Prevent Cavities

The American Dental Association has noted that simply by drinking tap water, Americans can benefit from cavity protection whether they are at home, work or school.

That’s pretty amazing when you think about it!

What’s more, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention named community water fluoridation as one of 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century.

Trust us, we wouldn’t want to go back to the way things were before.

Your oral health is too important for that.

That’s why we want you to be aware of the consequences of relying on bottled water for hydration. We wouldn’t want you to deny yourself and your children all the benefits of the fluoride found in our Glen Ellyn, IL tap water.

Smile Glen Ellyn Is On Your Side

To make sure your teeth and gums stay healthy and clean, drink plenty of Illinois tap water, and brush your teeth twice a day. Oh, and you had better floss every day too.

Also, don’t forget to schedule your regular appointments at Smile Glen Ellyn for teeth cleanings and dental exams.

Contact us today to get on our calendar!

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