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What Dentists Can Do to Prevent Opioid Abuse

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Blog, Dental News, Overall Health, Preventative Dentistry

The use and abuse of opioids have risen to epic levels. In 2016, there were more deaths resulting from opioid abuse than ever before. The American Dental Association has decided to take a firm stance to stop it’s spread by making education and prevention a top priority for a field that can use pain management medication for dental pain relatively frequently. The CDC has also taken an active stance against this epidemic. Dr. Thomas Gibbs of Smile Glen Ellyn is dedicated to preventing the misuse of opioids to treat dental pain and does everything in his power to keep his team educated so that we can provide the compassionate care you deserve.

The ADA and the CDC Push Education & Preventative Practices

The ADA has offered free online webinars for dentists for the past six years. These webinars promote the safest way to prescribe opioids for dental pain. This commitment to continuing education has also focused on identifying patients who may be at risk for substance abuse. As a result, there has also been a push toward prescribing non-narcotic drugs to treat dental pain. The training is comprehensive in that it explores ways of encouraging at-risk patients to get help, and urges dental professionals to adhere to the guidelines set for chronic pain.

The ADA, CDC, and a whole host of other organizations are committed to diminishing the prevalence of opioid abuse. Education is key, in addition to finding appropriate preventive measures. Your Glen Ellyn, IL, dentist hopes with their attentive practice to diminish the abuse of opioids among dental patients. Proactive measures like education and practical solutions will go far in the fight to stamp out this form of abuse, and we are here to help you maintain your overall health.


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