Is it Safe?

Is it Safe?

Numerous scientific studies and thousands of satisfied patients have proven the safety of supervised tooth whitening. It is not recommended only in pregnant women, uncontrolled gum disease, or in areas having dental decay. Some over-the-counter or internet products should be cautioned against since all the individual chemicals may not be regulated or tested. Supervised bleaching will not alter the micro-hardness or susceptibility to future decay.

The most common concerns are cold sensitivity or gum irritation, both short-lived and easily controlled by the dental office. Reliable Results Bleaching has become very popular for a whiter and brighter smile because it’s fast, simple and inexpensive with excellent and predictable results.

Factors such as old restorations, decay, decalcifications and hypo-calcifications, gum recession, and previous whitening problems are carefully assessed on an individual basis. Some dental problems such as decay and gum recession must be addressed PRIOR to tooth whitening.

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