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You’re most likely aware that poor nutrition can lead to health problems, but did you know that initial warning signs for declining health often affect your mouth first? Since the nutrients or additives within food come in contact with teeth and gums first, daily menu choices have an essential impact on oral and overall health.

The act of chewing and swallowing are considered the first steps of many in the digestive process. You can keep your dental health in check not just by building a relationship with your dentist, but by following these suggested nutritional guidelines.

Vegetables and fruits should make up half the plate at mealtime. When it comes to protein, not all is created equal. Make lean choices like fish and skinless poultry, and include eggs, legumes, peas and beans. Add at least eight ounces of seafood weekly. When consuming dairy, try to stick with fat-free or low-fat options. In regards to grain, at least half should be whole, like brown rice and oatmeal.

Keep in mind that individual caloric and nutritional needs depend on gender, age, physical activity and other health factors. However, since the Center of Nutrition Policy and Promotion considers these foods part of a healthy and balanced diet, they’re the basis of a healthy lifestyle.earn more about how to improve your oral health in Glen Ellyn, IL

Learn more about how to improve your oral health in Glen Ellyn, IL

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