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Learn About Cavities

When our team asks you about your brushing and flossing habits, they are just looking out for you. When you fail to brush your teeth consistently, you are placing yourself at risk of getting cavities and other forms of tooth decay, which can result in greater harm to your body. Bad oral health can cause increased risk of heart disease, and make pregnant women more likely to give birth to premature babies with low weight.

To prevent cavities, you should first know exactly what a cavity is. When you don’t brush your teeth well enough, the food you ate may turn into plaque. This starts the process of tooth decay, which will eventually dig a hole in your tooth.

While steps should be taken to prevent cavities, it’s not the end of the world if you get one. Even the worst of cavities can be able to be fixed by Dr. Gibbs, and our team can check your mouth for any other signs of tooth decay. Oral health is a team effort, but it is much easier to prevent issues from arising than treat them once they’ve advanced. If you think you may be overdue for a cleaning, call and schedule an appointment today!

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