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Know Your Denture Options

by | Dec 18, 2014 | Blog

Our society has a lot of common dental habits that aren’t necessarily the best. For example, most Americans don’t take the time to adequately brush their teeth (two minutes minimum for each session). We also have large numbers of patients who choose not to use floss at all! Finally, there is a trend that is harming our older citizens. Our society believes that standard dentures are the only solution for a complete restoration of your missing teeth. Here at Smile Glen Ellyn, we actually off four alternatives to standard dentures that will improve your health as well as your comfort! Take a look below for a brief overview of each of our options.

Implant Retained Dentures – This first option is a big step above traditional dentures. We will place implants into your jawbone, and then fit your dentures with an appliance that allows you to snap your dentures into place directly on the implants.

Implant Supported Dentures – Implant supported dentures are more stable than implant retained dentures because instead of attaching your dentures to the implants, you will be attaching your dentures to a metal frame that is being secured by implants. There is less movement with this solution than with the retained dentures.

Implant Supported Bridges – We consider this the best option for restoration. We will create stunning bridges that are held firmly in place with dental implants placed around your arch. The result is a truly stable restoration that will endure the tests of time and food preferences!

All on Four/ Teeth in a Day – A final solution is the All on Four solution. This is great for patients who want their restoration quick! All on Fours can be placed in one appointment using only four implants placed at varying angles in your bone. Those implants will then receive a temporary dental restoration until your implants heal. At that point, we will place a permanent set of teeth on your implants.

Do you still think standard dentures are the way to go? Implants benefit the look of your face, the health of your mouth, and the health of your entire body. Implant solutions should be at the top of your list for restoration options. With a variety of procedures and prices, we can find a solution that works for you and your smile. Contact us today! We can’t wait to help you have the healthy, secure smile you’ve been missing!

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