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Bad breath is something that no one wants. There are negative stereotypes about it. It can have terrible social consequences, affecting one’s personal and professional life.

One cause of bad breath may be surprising to some people. The flora in one’s gut must be in balance for the body to be healthy. When the balance is about 85% good bacteria to 15% bad, health is good and breath smells fresh. However, when these numbers shift, things can start to get funky.

Different types of imbalances can result in different types of halitosis. For example, kidney problems can lead to fishy smelling breath. In contrast, diabetes may lead to a sweet, fruity smell.

One way to resolve the imbalance, and get back to smelling fresh, is to re-seed the digestive system. By taking beneficial bacteria, the gut environment can be restored to balance. As this takes place, health can be optimized.

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