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We all have something that we are afraid of. We have had an experience that caused us to develop a fear. Maybe you once fell out of a tree, making you afraid of heights. Perhaps you were attacked by a dog, making you afraid of all canines. The fear we are most familiar with is that of the dental office due to a bad experience at some point earlier in life. Bad dental experiences happen, but they don’t have to keep you from future dental care. Let’s take a look at how you can end the cycle of dental anxiety.

Anxiety and fear work very similarly. You experience something frightening, let’s say it is a dental appointment. Your body reacts with adrenaline and tension until you are able to calm down, but the next time you are faced with that experience, your body will automatically tense. A body full of tension is more likely to perceive pain and fear, making the next dental appointment even more frightening. It creates a cycle of fear and tension. In order to break this cycle, we have to eliminate the aspect of tension.

You Can Be Afraid

It’s ok to be afraid of the dental office. It’s a natural response. However, it’s not ok to let that fear keep you from the dental work you need. We work to make your experience much more enjoyable by using sedation dentistry to remove the tension from your body during a dental procedure, which will allow you to have a calm, anxiety-free appointment. It will break the cycle of fear because there will be no tension causing you to perceive more pain than actually exists. After a few relaxed appointments, you will sense your fear fading.

Having a fear of the dental office, especially after a bad experience, is perfectly normal. We just don’t want to see our patients putting their health at risk because of that fear. Allow us to show you the power of sedation dentistry during a consultation or appointment. Contact us today! We can’t wait to help you have a healthier, happier smile very soon!

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