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Smoking is one of the leading causes of tooth loss. The risks of periodontal disease, leukoplakia, inflammation of the salivary gland and more increases when you smoke. Not only are these issues harmful to your health, a smoker also deals with bad breath, stained teeth, increased tartar and plaque and even loss of smell and taste over the years.

Health Tips for your Oral Needs

If you smoke, it is important to that you keep up the right dental hygiene program at home. You should have your teeth cleaned more often than a non-smoker, and it is wise to purchase a tongue cleaner along with your normal dental hygiene products. Always make sure to let your dentist office personnel know that you are a smoker. You can ask to be screened for issues such as periodontal disease and more to ensure you remain healthy.

Dr. Gibbs can also point you in the right direction of smoking cessation ideas. Visit and for more information.

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