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Back To School Dental Lessons For Kids

by | Aug 16, 2015 | Blog

Back To School Dental Lessons For Kids

At Smile Glen Ellyn, we realize that, with August upon us, families throughout Illinois (and all over the United States) will begin switching out of summer mode and into their respective back to school routines.

Our team of dental professionals strongly believes that the one aspect of your family life that should be kept top of mind throughout the year is oral health (and the good hygiene practices that help maintain your family’s collective well being in this area).

As a parent you have a certain responsibility to set a good example and establish high expectations for your children.

So, if things have gotten lax over the summer, now is the time to rein it back in. To make dental health practices simpler for families in our area, we have come up with a few easily taught tips and explanations that should make good sense no matter what your age is.

Always Brush Your Teeth At Least Twice

We hope that most of you already know how important it is to brush your teeth multiple times each day. But you may not realize that, for brushing to be fully effective, it is very important to brush for at least two minutes when you do engage in this activity.

This tip is not difficult to follow. It is also easy enough to ingrain in your children while they are young. One fun teaching technique is to play a catchy song for them, and instruct them to keep brushing until the song is over or you have stopped the music. You may find that they don’t want to stop!

Dental Floss Is Your Friend

We’ve established that regular brushing is essential. But did you know that this exercise, even when done correctly, only reaches a fraction of your teeth’s surface area?

The truth is, you will only ever be able to reach certain areas of your mouth with dental floss. What’s more, flossing is one of the only ways you can possibly remove plaque from the often overlooked regions in between your teeth. You might not ever be able to see it but, left unattended, that plaque will eventually cause your teeth to decay and possibly fall out.

Again, while your kids are young, instill flossing as a healthy habit that they will want to carry with them as they grow.

Come To Smile Glen Ellyn Twice A Year

As you might have guessed, this tip is our favorite. But for good reason. Stopping by regularly for dental cleanings will make it a whole lot easier for us and for you to repulse plaque and tartar from your teeth and keep any decay at bay.

The truth is that even if you have excellent hygiene habits, your regular brushing and flossing is still not a complete enough method for reaching all of your plaque or for removing all of your tartar.

Your family’s oral health is important to us. We want you to feel at ease here and to trust us to find the best solutions to all of your family’s dental needs.

During your dental exam at Smile Glen Ellyn, you will be screened for gum disease, oral cancer, and other issues that could be affecting your overall health and wellness.

So, please make this part of your family’s routine.

Teach Your Children Well

It is our hope that you will take your family’s oral health as seriously as we do.

The burden is on you to teach your children good habits through your own rigorous example. Teach them how to brush and to floss. But also teach them how to find a dentist that they can trust so that they will never be alone in their efforts to lead a healthy, happy life.

Contact us today to make an appointment for the entire family.

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