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Orthodontia has come a long way in the past decade. What used to be impossible or very difficult is suddenly extremely easy! We are, of course, talking about creating beautiful new smiles in a very short amount of time. Short-term orthodontics are all the rage right now because for the first time, you can have fast braces that don’t draw attention to themselves!

One of the problems with traditional braces is their obvious look! Adults, especially, don’t want to deal with obvious braces on their teeth. This is especially true for adults who are in the workplace, in the dating scene, or public members of the community. Yet, don’t these people deserve to have beautiful smiles?

Here at our Glen Ellyn dentist office, we have solutions that allow adults to get the orthodontia they need without having to worry about the look of their smiles in the meantime. We can actually change the entire look of your smile without anyone being able to see your dental work!

Adults Can Benefit from Orthodontic Work

Think orthodontic work is just for kids? Don’t limit the work of braces! While it is true that most orthodontics cases take place during adolescence, braces are not limited to kids. In fact, research shows that about a quarter of adults could benefit from orthodontic work of some kind.

Often this happens because the patient’s parents couldn’t afford braces for them. We also see a lot of cases where an adult had braces as a child but failed to maintain them over the years. The result is an adult who needs orthodontic re-alignment!

Do You Want…

… A More Beautiful Smile?

… Quick Treatment?

… Inconspicuous Orthodontic Appliances?

Short Term Orthodontics are Right for You!

No matter which type of short-term orthodontics you select, the result will be a beautiful smile! Once your teeth are aligned into their correct place, you will feel like a different person! The fact that we can give you that smile in as few as six months is just icing on the cake because the real benefit is knowing that you can complete your orthodontic treatment without anyone knowing you were wearing braces to begin with! All they’ll notice is your newly confident smile!

Which is Right for You?

Selecting short-term orthodontics is a simple matter of deciding which of these procedures is right for you. Take a look at each individually so that you have an idea of what you can expect when you come into the office.

Six Month Smiles

One of our popular forms of fast adult braces is the Six Month Smiles system. Using the idea of traditional brackets and wires, Six Month Smiles creates the smile of your dreams by just focusing on the teeth in your smile zone. With clear brackets and tooth-colored wires, no one will notice your braces without having to look very closely!

Because we are focusing our treatment on the teeth in the front of your smile, we can complete your procedure much faster. We are not trying to move difficult molars, after all, and the results are fantastic! Your smile will be beautiful, and you’ll be able to step out into the world with a whole new outlook!


Another very popular invisible braces solution is with Invisalign. Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners that fit perfectly over your teeth to create pressure on the misaligned teeth. Your teeth will move steadily as you switch aligners every two weeks. The best part is that you can remove your aligners for special get-togethers and to care for your teeth!

While you can remove them for pictures and such, most people find that they don’t need to because the Invisalign aligners look so natural in your smile!

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