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Adults and Braces: The Easy Solution

by | Mar 1, 2015 | Blog

Adults and braces. Braces and adults. These two things don’t seem to go together nearly as well as adolescents and braces. We generally pair orthodontics with younger smiles, but research shows that about a quarter of adults could still benefit from orthodontic care, regardless of our preconceptions!

Are you one of the many Glen Ellyn residents who could benefit from adult braces? Not sure? We can help you learn more about the options available to you! First, let’s talk about your reasons for avoiding orthodontic care in the first place and the differences between Invisalign and Six Month Smiles.

You Want to Avoid Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are very common, especially for young people. They have been used for many years for patients who have alignment issues throughout their smiles, and they are known for taking over a smile, more or less. Metal braces are the reason for nicknames like tinsel teeth, metal mouth, and brace face.

It’s understandable for adults to want to avoid these metal appliances, especially adults who have lots of interaction with others throughout the day. It’s difficult to imagine giving a work presentation, leading a community meeting, or going out with friends while wearing clunky metal braces.

Making the Decision for Orthodontic Care

Even with the knowledge that traditional metal braces are not an acceptable option for most adults, a solution is necessary and available. In fact, there are two options that we will discuss in detail briefly!

The important thing is that you make the decision to invest in your own smile with quality orthodontic care. You don’t have to put up with misalignment, crooked teeth, or a smile that makes you feel embarrassed. The two options we are about to share could change your life forever!


The first adult orthodontic option we recommend is Invisalign orthodontics. The use a aligners to put pressure on your teeth will allow you to get the smile of your dreams with minimal discomfort. The treatment time averages between 12 and 18 months.

The Look: People love Invisalign for the way the braces look. The aligners themselves are clear and completely undetectable to those around you, making them a fantastic option for adults who need orthodontic work but don’t want anyone to know about that work!

The Feel: Unlike traditional metal braces that rub against the soft tissues of your mouth, Invisalign braces are completely smooth against your lips, gums, and tongue. There is no need for wax to cover painful wires, and no pain throughout the process.

The Ease: Invisalign makes the entire orthodontic procedure easier on you and your smile. There are fewer appointments, and keeping your smile clean is much simpler than it is when you are dealing with metal brackets and wires.

Invisalign allows even the most self-conscious adult the freedom to get great orthodontic care without a concern of feeling embarrassed!

Six Month Smiles

A second option is the Six Month Smiles treatment. In this treatment, patients wear brackets and wires similar to those of traditional metal braces, but the results are much different, as is the look of your orthodontic care!

The Look: Rather than using silver or gray brackets and wires, we use clear brackets and wires that match the shade of your teeth. The result is a set of braces that will blend in with your smile as opposed to standing out against your white teeth! They are not invisible, but those around you will have to look closely to see the braces.

The Feel: Six Month Smiles feel much like traditional braces in your mouth, except that there are far fewer brackets on your teeth. We only place brackets on the teeth in your smile zone, which makes wearing Six Month Smiles braces much more comfortable!

The Speed: Traditional metal braces take 2-3 years to complete treatment, while Invisalign averages at 12-18 months. Six Month Smiles treatment is complete within about 6 months (hence the name). Some treatment is over as quickly as 4 months!

If you want your new smile FAST, Six Month Smiles could be the solution for you! You can get a quality smile without signing the next three years of your social life away!

Selecting the Right Option for You

Now, the decision is up to you. Which of these treatments is the best option for you? How will you decide?

We recommend first looking at what you want to accomplish for your smile, and consider how long you are willing to undergo treatment. You might also consider if you want people to know that you are receiving orthodontic care, or if you wish to go completely unnoticed.

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