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When you are seeking a beautiful smile, you probably take a look at those beautiful Hollywood smiles in pictures and advertisements and dream about having a smile that is similar. What you don’t realize is that very few of those stars and starlets are flashing their natural teeth. Many have had porcelain veneers placed to cover their natural smile flaws. You can do the same with a little less trouble by using Lumineers. Take a look at a few of the issues we can resolve below.

Hereditary Problems – It is normal for your smile to be imperfect. Hereditary problems might be uneven teeth or teeth that are spaced too far apart. Lumineers can take care of those problems by filling the empty space to create beautiful symmetry in your smile.

Damage and Injury – Often smiles experience damage from an injury or normal wear and tear. You might see chips or cracks on your teeth, but dental Lumineers can correct that damage by bonding the restoration directly to the front of your tooth, filling the space and covering the damaging look at the same time.

Extreme Discoloration – Even with our whitening abilities here in the office, there are some smiles that just can’t be corrected to the level the patient desires. In those cases, we turn to Lumineers to cover the discoloration, which will restore the patient’s smile to something of beauty and confidence.

Our patients long for healthy, beautiful smiles. Lumineers are a fantastic way to achieve those goals because the Lumineer restoration doesn’t require any prep work to your tooth. Your tooth maintains integrity, and you still get the look of your dreams! Contact us today to set up a consultation or appointment. We would love to see you and help you reach your smile goals very soon!

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