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Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic Dentistry in Glen Ellyn, IL

Learn How to Have a Beautiful Smile!

Cosmetic Dentistry In Glen Ellyn –The Value of Your Smile!

How much of an influence is an attractive smile? More than you may suspect considering a poll by the Caravan Opinion Research International. Of hundreds of randomly selected adults the top findings are:

1) 90% of the respondents believed that an attractive smile was an asset for a person’s career
2) About 90% said that they are more romantically attracted to someone with an attractive smile
3) 80% of the polled group relate both age and economic status to how the person’s smile

How to Have a Beautiful Smile–Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment

First–Use our Smile Evaluation page and decide what you’d like to see improved with your smile and cosmetic dentistry.  Our menu selection (right column) shows our wide selection of the best cosmetic dentistry procedures!


Cosmetic Dentistry in Glen Ellyn

Second—Take a look at the article on Smile Design  with the LVI smile catalog, and decide what type of smile you want from “Dominant” to “Youthful.” We now carefully customize not only the shade of the teeth, but she individual shapes and contours of the teeth in your smile for a incredible smile. The best in “smile design” can be your smile with veneers, bonding, tooth whitening, and more!

Third—many people start with tooth whitening . Whiter teeth is usually considered the basis for a successful beautiful smile so learn your options and the limitations! Check our page for detailed information on tooth whitening and bleaching!

Lastly—look over the options of porcelain veneers; tooth bonding and white fillings; gummy smile repair (gum lifts); tooth straightening with Invisalign or Six Month cosmetic orthodontics; Lumineers , Cerec crowns (finished in an hour), and your options on beautiful porcelain crowns!

Check our library of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Articles listed in right column!

Porcelain Veneers–Wheaton Before

Porcelain Veneers–Wheaton Before

Porcelain Veneers–Wheaton After

Porcelain Veneers–Wheaton After

How to Know if You’re Going to like Your Cosmetic Dentistry and New Smile?  Cosmetic “Mock-ups” and Cosmetic Imaging

In addition to being to choose what shade or color of teeth to have, and being able to choose the smile type from the LVI Smile library, another option used by top cosmetic dentists is to have a “mock-up” of the smile.  To do this Dr. Gibbs makes models of the teeth and has a wax replica make to show exactly what the teeth would look like restored with porcelain veneers or cosmetic crowns.

Temporary teeth can then be made from the approved wax replica so the patient can actually wear the provisional teeth.  The case is finalized when the patient is happy with their new smile!

On occasion photographs can be modified showing the new smile also.  This is called cosmetic imaging and can be useful.

Cosmetic Dentures and Facelift Dentures

If appropriate–also check our section on cosmetic dentures and cosmetic partial dentures, and “Facelift” dentures. (Also check our section on dental implants if missing teeth are in your smile!)

Cosmetic Dentist –Dentures–Facelift Dentures Wheaton

Cosmetic Dentist –Dentures–Facelift Dentures

Dr. Gibbs has over 25 years of cosmetic dentistry training.  He is an early member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and trained with the LVI Institute for Advanced Dentistry.  Also—check our smile gallery, our videos on cosmetic dentistry, and patient feedback.
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