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Aging and Dental Care

It is always important to take care of your teeth and maintain excellent dental health. Even though you may be getting up in the years, you don’t have to lose your teeth. When you care for them properly, you can keep your real teeth your whole life. How to Maintain... read more

TMJ Disorders- Causes and Potential Treatments

A multitude of different factors can lead to the development of TMJ disorders. Like any other joint in the body, the temporomandibular joint can develop arthritis. Stress placed on the joint, whether by acute injury or dislocation, or more chronic stressors such as... read more

Electric versus Manual: A Discussion on Toothbrushes

The toothbrush is yet another human tool that has been innovated upon over the years. While most people can use a manual toothbrush to keep their teeth sparkling white, the impetus for the electric toothbrush, created in ’54, was to assist people with limited or... read more

Oral Health During Pregnancy

A baby’s arrival seems to bring an endless to-do list. There’s the numerous doctor visits, preparing the nursery, and of course those cravings. A mom-to-be may have a lot on her mind, but she has to make sure to remember her oral health. That means... read more

How do I know if I have gum Disease?

Gum disease can lead to other major dental problems and should be promptly treated by a dentist. If you believe that you suffer from gum disease, you should be aware of the symptoms and learn about the best treatment options. Symptoms Although having symptoms of gum... read more

Guess What Causes Bad Breath?

Bad breath is something that no one wants. There are negative stereotypes about it. It can have terrible social consequences, affecting one’s personal and professional life. One cause of bad breath may be surprising to some people. The flora in one’s gut... read more
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