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Dental Implant Crowns vs Tooth Supported Bridges

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Glen Ellyn Dental Implants Crowns Replace Missing Teeth

Since dental implants basically operate as an artificial root, they are ideal for replacing a single tooth. Much like teeth, they can also be aligned to support dental bridges. Since the dental implant cannot decay, it will (in most cases) last for a whole lifetime, assuming proper care.

A discussion we often have with patients is about the benefits and drawbacks dental implants offer, compared to conventional dental bridges, as a method of replacing missing teeth. The table here shows the advantages and disadvantages of each technique in an easy to compare format. Of course, each case needs to be individually evaluated, so that the quality and quantity of supporting bone plus various other factors contributing to dental crown success can be measured. However, considering the pluses and minuses of each way to replace lost teeth is an important part of making a decision about which restoration process is best for you. Bridge Advantages: Can be completed in approximately two weeks. Looks natural, provides strong teeth. Can be less expensive in the short run compared to implants. Can be used to realign misplaced teeth. Bridge Disadvantages: Bone loss is not stopped in the areas where the teeth are lost, leading to gaps where food can get caught and work under the bridgework. Difficult to floss beneath bridge, requiring special floss or cleaners. If any individual supporting dental crown is compromised or starts to decay, the whole dental implant bridge must be replaced. Expected longevity is only 5 to 15 years. The teeth which support the bridge must be drilled away to fit supporting crowns, even if they are in good condition, destroying them. Implant Advantages: Preserves the bone in areas where teeth are lost. Much easier to floss or clean around than bridges. Longevity 15 to 40 years. Are not susceptible to decay. Implant Disadvantages: Initial cost is usually more expensive than bridgework. If the patient waited too long before getting treatment, additional dental crown procedure may be necessary to increase the amount of bone for implant support. In short, most patients find dental crown implant replacement to be more comfortable than dental implant bridges, and easier to care for on a daily basis. They also report getting less food caught around implants. The initial cost of implants is higher, but their much greater longevity cuts long term cost immensely. Surrounding teeth are also healthier when a dental implant crown is next to them, rather than a bridge. To View Our YouTube Video on Replacing Teeth, Eliminating Bridges and Partials Dentures.

Comfortable Dental Implants Wheaton

So how easy is it to get a dental implant placed? Here from long time patient Micheal H form Wheaton

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Dr. Gibbs has restored thousands of dental implant restorations in the last 30 year, and all implant procedures can be performed in the same office.  He has received advanced training with the Micsh International Implant Institute, Pikos Implant Institute, California Implant Institute, and Kois Center for Advanced Dentistry.  He has also earned his advanced fellowship in the International Academy of Dental Implantology and the American Academy of Dental Anesthesiology.

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Read what our patients say about us…

Amy Gelber
Amy Gelber
04:57 01 Dec 23
The entire staff is amazing! I can’t imagine going to another dentist!
Nancy Mattick
Nancy Mattick
16:22 10 Nov 23
Friendly, efficient, knowledgeable personnel who pay extra attention to your mouth/teeth needs, and to keep you smiling!
Deborah Buckley
Deborah Buckley
11:47 04 Oct 23
Dr. Gibbs spent a lot of time with me during my consultation. He was very thorough in explaining my options so I can make an informed decision. He was very understanding to my needs due to a recent poor experience at my prior dental office and was very patient with all my questions. His staff is friendly and caring.
Diane Dudley
Diane Dudley
15:06 29 Sep 23
I had a wonderful experience at Smile GlenEllyn, especially with Dr. Jessica. She’s probably the best dentist I’ve ever had. She ticks all of the boxes. She’s extremely competent, gentle, kind, compassionate, understanding, etc. the list goes on and on. Also, the staff is incredible, namely, Jill. She also ticks all of the boxes. I’m so very happy I found Smile GlenEllyn. They are a diamond in the rough.
M Miller
M Miller
13:19 21 Sep 23
excellent and thorough.staff very pleasant and knowledgeable.
Carol Brighton
Carol Brighton
13:40 04 Aug 23
Always friendly and kind, I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my dental care. Barb is a wonderful hygenist and the Drs Gibbs are gentle and skilled dentists.
Mary Kay Trout
Mary Kay Trout
13:45 26 Jul 23
Dr. Jessica & Dr. Thomas are fantastic. I've been going to them for over 20 years. Staff is also fantastic and personable. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to see a dentist.Have gotten many compliments on my teeth and can smile with confidence now.
Erin Kelly
Erin Kelly
14:17 05 May 23
The best dental experience I've ever had. All the staff are lovely, and professional. I always look forward to going, because no matter the procedure, they make you feel comfortable and heard. I recommend Dr Jessica Gibbs to all of my friends and co-workers 🙂
Angela Williams
Angela Williams
20:07 03 May 23
Smile Glen Ellyn is in excellent choice. These your Lady was so pleasant and very friendly. Thomas R. Gibbs, is one of the best dentists doctor I've ever might. My experience was well over my expectations. I really almost cried. Use to be scared to go to the dentist. Looking forward to my next appointment.
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