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Sedation Dentistry—The Ultimate in Dental Comfort

As many as 20% of all Americans are too apprehensive of dentistry to get regular oral health care. About 45% (are you one of these?) say that worry over discomfort is a major reason why they postpone dental visits. We believe that this fear is unfortunate and unnecessary.

Sedation dentistry is appropriate for patients who:

  • Can’t imagine having dental work done while being aware of what is happening.
  • Want to have all their dentistry completed comfortably and conveniently during one visit.
  • Want no memory (amnesia) of the dental visit.
  • Experience severe gagging problems.
  • Are embarrassed about their dental condition.
  • Have medical conditions requiring sedation.

I recommend spending a few minutes to watch the following short video on dental comfort and dental sedation, entitled “Dental Sedation Options for High Fear People.” It is based on a series of lectures I delivered to dental professionals a few years back. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions!


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