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Quick oral makeovers are the goal of Six Month Smiles, a special brand of braces meant for adults who want to straighten their teeth for an improved smile in the shortest amount of time possible. Fixed braces can take two to three years to produce the desired results, with the only alternative to them being provided by porcelain veneers. The days when orthodontics (fixed braces) was the sole option are past, however. The winds of change are blowing, and 6 Month Smile are one of the signs of that.

Most adults prefer not to wear metal braces for such a long period of time. The pain and discomfort, hideous ugliness, and dietary restrictions imposed by these devices are a steep price to pay for better tooth alignment. Six Month Smiles offer a solution.


How Six Month Smiles Work

Six month smiles

The premise behind Six Month Smiles is elegantly simple – rather than moving all the teeth into perfect alignment, the system concentrates on straightening the front teeth, which are those visible when you smile or talk. Most of the time involved in straightening teeth with ordinary cosmetic invisible braces involves moving the back teeth, which are large, sturdy, and difficult to shift.

  • To make you less self-conscious, the wires and brackets used for Six Month braces are colored white, which camouflages them against your teeth rather than standing out like a metallic sore thumb.
  • Among the oral misalignments these fixtures can correct are crooked teeth, crowded teeth, gaps, spaces, or a combination of several problems.The goal of this system is to give you a dazzling smile in a reasonable time period. The assumption is that your molars are well enough aligned to be functional, and specifically targeting them is superfluous to the goal of giving you a striking smile.
  • The Six Month Smiles system usually produces the even, perfectly aligned front teeth that you want in six months. In a few exceptional cases, the treatment takes four or five months instead. Equally rare are those instances where the treatment takes up to nine months to finish.
  • This system is mostly intended to produce positive results from a cosmetic perspective. It is not meant to correct serious alignment problems, such as perfecting your bite or other “technical” results. If present, serious oral difficulties should be treated correctly with the methods that your dentist recommends.
  • Since Six Month Smiles do not actually move teeth any quicker (instead moving a smaller total to produce faster results), there is no more risk of tooth or jaw damage than with the use of conventional braces.

The amount of force used to move teeth with Six Month Smiles is quite low, which both reduces the risk of damage and makes the process of correcting the teeth more comfortable. After the straightening process is complete, a positioner or retainer should be used to keep the teeth from moving back to their original configuration. You have the choice between a fixed retainer, which is permanently attached to your teeth, and a removable retainer, which can be taken out when necessary. Dr. Gibbs is ready to discuss your thoughts and concerns to work out which arrangement is best suited to you.

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