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Nitrous Oxide Dental Gas

“Laughing gas” and “relaxing gas” are two alternate names for nitrous oxide dental conscious sedation. This method is a safe, thoroughly tested, and accepted way of relaxing a mildly fearful patient. Nitrous oxide mixed with oxygen is delivered to the patient via a nose piece. Dr. Gibbs regulates the flow of this gas to the patient,

Nitrous Oxide "Laughing Gas"

Nitrous Oxide “Laughing Gas”

and the patient can also control the effect by altering their breathing. The patient does not sleep, instead becoming nitrous oxide dental anxiety relaxed yet responsive.

Nitrous oxide gas is not used as an anesthetic, but instead relaxes the patient during the procedure. The effect is short-term intoxication, which airs off almost as soon as the air mask is removed. We use individual, scented masks for cleanliness and comfort.

One major advantage of nitrous oxide gas as dental sedation options is that its effects wear off swiftly. Patients are usually able to drive themselves home. This gas can also be used to augment oral sedation, or to have a soothing effect while IV sedation is begun. Laughing gas is effective for mild cases of anxiety, for comfort during longer appointments, and for patients with a strong gag reflex.

Again, watch our video on How to Have Relaxed Comfortable Dental Visits Without Fear or Anxiety



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